Bachelor Of Arts

Compulsory Subjects:

1) English
2) Environmental Awareness (Six months)

Special Subjects (anyone) :

1) English Paper I & II
2) Political Science Paper I & II
3) Economics Paper I & II
4) Marathi Paper I & II
5) Psychology Paper I & II
6) Geography Paper I & II

General Subjects (any three) :

1) General English or Economics
2) Political Science or Psychology
3) Marathi or Hindi
4) Geography or History

A Course In Environmental Awareness

With the aim of creating awareness among students about environment, rules & laws regarding environment pollution and protection and about social problems like AIDS etc., the University ofPune introduced a six month compulsory course in 'Environmental Awareness' at S.Y.B.A & S.Y. B.Com in 2004-2005 Students have to pass the examination in this course in order to obtain the degree certificate from the University. ' They can clear this course in the Third Year if they remain absent or fail in the examination in S.Y. B.A. & S.Y. B.Com.

T.Y.B.A. :

Compulsory Subject: English Students have to retain the same subjects as offered at the S.Y.B.A.1evel. 

Students shall offer six subjects each at F.Y./S.Y./T.Y.B.A.level

F. Y.B.A. :

1) Compulsory English General Subjects (any five) :
3) General English i.e. Optional/Additional English
4) Marathi
5) Economics
6) Psychology
7) Geography
8) History
9) Political Science