1. Computer Facility

Department have computer and internet facility for student and teachers. Also having GIS Software’s like Global Mapper, Ilwis, Grass, Map window and Quantum GIS etc.

2. Practical Laboratory
The lab is equipped with all basic facilities.

3. Surveying Instruments
Apart from traditional surveying instruments Prismatic compass, dumpy levels and plane tables) the department has acquired advanced survey instruments such as GPS that allow us to generate high-resolution terrain data.

4. Topographical Maps, Satellite Images and Aerial Photographs
Maps and atlases are the backbone of geography. The Department holds good collections of SOI topographical maps. The Department also has a good collection of aerial photographs and satellite imageries (digital and hard copies) for teaching.

5. Departmental Library
The department has good collection (over 300) of textbooks, atlases and references books in geography for teaching and research. In addition, a huge collection of books is present in the college library.